Ateljé och butik

keramik i butiken

På Brännässlan som är en kombinerad ateljé, butik och verkstad möter du konstnären Caroline i ett smutsigt förkläde mitt i hennes skapande.

Läs mer om Caroline Bohman Persson och Brännässlan Ateljé.


Caroline Bohman Persson, from Sweden is an artist, designer and a visionary who loves to create in various materials. Of all materials it is for the  ceramics her heart beats the hardest.

Design, form and function is the connections trought her production. Caroline have her studio and shop in a small picturesque fishing village in Sweden called Glommen.

She takes most  of her inspiration for her art from the sea. In her pottery shop called Brännässlan (meaning: stinging nettle) you find exciting ceramic artworks like clamshell-bowls in diffrent sizes, pitchers and oil lamps with tentacles or fishes, coral shaped vases and much more.

To visit her studio and shop is to dive in to her creative  and  mind of fascinating forms, creatures, sculpturs o the sea.

Carolines ceramics is wild and beatiful like the sea…


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